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Ted from CPS did a house call at my home yesterday and helped me diagnose my problem. Thanks!

- Jon, Parker

Ted, I followed your advice and problem solved. I really appreciate your honesty and willingness to service me even if I am not a customer. That's very refreshing in this day and age. I will be in touch for future needs. Regards, Andy

-Andy B, Highlands Ranch

Computer Repair                                                                                                Computer Service

Computer Maintenance

   Laptop Repair                                                                                                           Virus Removal

Data Backup & Data Recovery

Having a Computer problem? Email not working right? Need assistance with virus removal or spyware removal? Concerned about losing critical or sensitive data to a computer crash or unauthorized intruder hacking into your computer over the internet? 

Maybe you just need help setting up a new computer or network, or upgrading an older system, or configuring a laptop. 

Whatever the problem, if it has to do with your computer or networking setup, 
Computer Problem Solvers is here to help with your computer repair or computer service needs! 

Give us a 
call regarding any of the services listed below, or if you need help with a computer repair or computer service need not listed below. We'll work to find you a solution - and if we can't solve the problem, we'll help you find someone who can! 

Ask about our 
Managed Computer Service Plans providing regular preventative servicing of your computer equipment to ensure it remains in top operating condition. If your business or home relies upon your computers, this is the best way to avoid unwelcome system failures and downtime. We can setup a customized plan to best protect your computer assets, find problems before they become problems, give you priority service status, and peace of mind! 


         We can help you learn to use and get the most out of your new Computer or Laptop. 

Need to network your business or home computers together? We'll setup and configure a wired or       wireless network (LAN), including routers, modems or hubs, and connect your computers to the network. We'll ensure optimal security settings for you. Have an existing network that is having problems? We'll perform necessary diagnostics in order to analyze and troubleshoot any network issues and resolve any problems. 

We'll upgrade your computer with more memory, new hard-drive, new graphics or other cards - whatever your needs. We can install new software or upgrade existing software for you as well. 

Do you suspect your computer or laptop has become infected? We'll scan your computer with the most up to date virus and spyware scanning and virus removal / spyware removal tools to get you up and running again. If viruses or spyware have taken control of your system, or are dragging performance down to a crawl, or just causing strange behavior, we've been there and know how to get your system healthy again. 

We'll setup and configure your new computer or laptop, install software packages, configure network and internet access, set up user accounts, install & configure anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software and or hardware, configure parental controls, set up email, etc. We'll perform this service for any new computer or laptop you've purchased, or we'll even purchase the new equipment for you - likely saving you money in the process!

If your computer is misbehaving, we'll troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any problems. If your computer is running slow, you are having internet connection problems, email isn't working right, your computer can't connect to others on your network, you can't print, etc., we'll figure it out and fix it. If your computer is crashing, or won't boot, or you have a hard-drive failure, we'll figure it out and fix it. 

Computers that are inadequately protected represent a significant risk to anyone with critical or sensitive data on their computer or laptop. They are at risk of outside attack intending to either destroy or steal your critical data. We'll check your computer or laptop for viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, etc. and clean them from your computer. We'll analyze your anti-virus, spyware and firewall settings to ensure your system is optimally protected. We can install or upgrade appropriate anti-virus etc. software if your system is lacking needed protection. If you have a wireless network, this is an area of vulnerability that many computer owners are unaware of. We'll check and optimize your routers and wireless network settings to ensure they are protected from malicious intruders. 

We'll perform a series of diagnostic tests and clean-up procedures to optimize the performance of your computer. 

We'll create a regular data backup strategy, including hardware and software, and implement for you to ensure you always have your latest data available in the event of a data loss due to computer failure. We can help you with data recovery from a crashed or failed hard-drive, and get you back up and running quickly. 

We can help you setup to connect to the Internet and and configure your Email and show you how to properly use, or troubleshoot any problems you are having with Email and the Internet

If you are having problems with software packages not functioning properly, we can help you troubleshoot and repair. 


Give our Computer Specialist a call right now at 303-734-4597. We're here to help you fully leverage your computers!

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